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[+] Requests

Please make all your icon requests in comments on this post.

Some general notes:

[+] I'm only going to make icons of fandoms that I like and characters/pairings that I enjoy. If you are unsure about whether I like something, just ask. If you need to know what movies I could cap for your icons, see this list of all the dvds I own.
[+] I would prefer if you posted a source image for your icon, and/or text suggestions.
[+] Please allow me some time to finish your icon. I don't have *much* of a life, but things like school and work do occasionally get in the way of my icon making!
[+] Courtesy and politeness go a long way :).
[+] Please let me know whether you want your icon to be private (non-shareable) or available for public use. Icons will be non-shareable by default.

Request away!

All comments are screened. This is in order to make requests between myself and the person making the request, instead of a public discussion.
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